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Our Focus

Spire Oil & Gas is currently focused on the exploitation of conventional reserves within the Permian Basin, Louisiana and Gulf Coast region with a special expertise in applying horizontal drilling and multi-stage completion technology.  

Our Strategy

Our business model is focused on the development of low-risk, low cost conventional reservoirs.  We focus on technically-known geology targeting reservoirs which benefit from highly-developed G&G skillsets, world-class drilling technics and advanced multi-stage completions.  


By applying enhanced resource-type drilling and completion methods to both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, Spire Oil & Gas creates value in every application.

Our Differentiators
  • Stable experienced team

  • Best-in-class due diligence prior to purchase

  • Deep risk analysis proficiencies

  • Fully developed multi-disciplinary operator

  • Deep industry contacts

  • Private Equity capital experience

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